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ReFa Skin Care Devices
As one of the world’s leaders in luxurious, precise at-home spa experiences, ReFa changed the standard of beauty through the soul of Japanese craftsmanship. Our skin is more sensitive and intricate than is within our comprehension which is why ReFa designed their award-wining rollers with the knowledge that simply focusing on bodily sensation could end up overwhelming the skin with stimulation. Instead, ReFa developed their products with precise attention to detail and conducted countless tests and adjustments, such as the angle of the angle and positioning of the roller itself, down to the last 1/100 mm. Designed with convenient, cutting edge technology, all ReFa devices are fitted with a built-in solar panel to capture light and generate micro-currents—none of which requires any battery charging. ReFa believes that the time you spend on yourself should be a time of bliss and elation. Using this as their design philosophy, ReFa focuses on sparking joy and pursuing perfection and quality with every use, from the very first time you hold your product, to each and every time you use it.


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