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Silk Maxi Dress ‘Aphrodite’ in Color Moonlight

€390,00 EUR

Luxurious, extravagant ultra-light silk dress designed for the most memorable moments of your life. A gentle touch of silk will give your evening a romantic charm. This is all about You and Maxi dress “Aphrodite”.
Alas Silk products are designed and made in Lithuania and Germany, with great love and care

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-100 % pure and natural mulberry silk
-19 mm mulberry silk with 6A grade
-Mulberry silk long nightgown
-Square neckline sleeveless maxi dress with spaghetti straps
-Flare dress with adjustable straps
-Tent style with the wide flare at the bottom
-Length: ankle
-Hems: 0.5 cm
-For one piece we use up to 3 m silk fabric.

The fabric of Maxi nightgown-dress “Aphrodite” is made of extremely high quality: 19mm washable mulberry silk, has a grade of 6A quality.
To make You feel more comfortable and for your free movements, we have chosen a fabric with 5 pct. elastane.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass es schwierig ist, die wahre Farbe von Seide einzufangen, da sie stark von der Beleuchtung, der Kamera oder den Einstellungen Ihres Monitors abhängt. Daher raten wir Ihnen, Ihre Farbvorstellungen auf das Video zu stützen, da es nicht nur die wahre Farbe, sondern auch die lichtreflektierenden Eigenschaften der Seide am besten wiedergibt.

Luxury Unboxing Experience

Get the experience you deserve with elegant silk wings

Benefits of Natural Mulberry Silk

Incredible softness and pleasant touch makes it feel like
heaven as natural silk fabric can
be suitable for sensitive skin.

Silk is a breathable fabric witch is a natural thermal regulator. These qualities makes silk the best material to put as a base layer or nightwear.

Hypoallergenic quality of natural silk fabric is most important for those who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to environment.

Natural silk is also well known for it’s protective properties as this fabric is commonly used for hair protection.


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Silk Maxi Dress ‘Aphrodite’ in Color Moonlight
Silk Maxi Dress ‘Aphrodite’ in Color Moonlight


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