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Intensive Cream-Visibly reduce appearance of deep wrinkles 

Intensive Cream-Visibly reduce appearance of deep wrinkles 

Visibly reduce appearance of deep wrinkles and furrows while smoothing and renewing skin. Formulated with retinaldehyde for a youthful, radiant look, without irritation.

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  • RENEWSVisibly smoothes and reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and furrows
  • FIRMSSkin appears plump and firm with even skin tone while brightening the skin
  • DEFENDSProvides antioxidant protection and helps neutralize free radicals

How to Use

Apply to the face, neck and décolleté in the evening. The use of daily sun protection is recommended during the use of this product. PM

Key Ingredients

  • RETINALDEHYDE:Clinically shown to be more effective than Retinol*, smoothes appearance of wrinkles and brightens skin
  • PRE-TOCOPHERYL:Photostable Vitamin E provides powerful antioxidant protection against free radicals
  • AVENE THERMAL SPRING WATER:Clinically shown by 150 studies to soothe, soften and calm the skin
  • RELASTIDE®:Pro-elastin peptide helps skin appear plump, firm and more radiant

The Skini on Skinimalism

What is Skinimalism?

When it comes to skincare, “less” is the new more. Skinimalism is the latest skincare trend that simplifies your daily routine and supports your skin barrier by relying on effective, gentle ingredients rather than a drawer full of products packed with a myriad of chemicals that may be detrimental to the overall health of your skin.

Skinimalism means accepting that the holy grail of dewy, glowy skin does not come from layering on many products of varying strengths and formulas, but rather in taking a minimalist approach toward skincare that addresses the unique nature and makeup of your complexion.

Skinimalism is gaining in popularity as dermatologists report an uptick in the damage to the skin barrier, the outer layer of the dermis that acts as a first responder to environmental aggressors. This damage to the barrier may result from the application of too many harsh chemicals to the skin. Embracing skinimalism can help protect the skin’s protector (the barrier) by reducing the number of ingredients applied to the skin daily.

So, breathe a sigh of relief and pare down the number of cumbersome products in your makeup bag by opting for skincare that targets your unique problem areas.

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Intensive Cream-Visibly reduce appearance of deep wrinkles 
Intensive Cream-Visibly reduce appearance of deep wrinkles 
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