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The COVID-19 Survival Guide: How to Prepare for, Manage

by Abigail Hardin

Format: Kindle Edition

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The COVID-19 Survival Guide: How to Prepare for, Manage, and Overcome a Coronavirus Infection Kindle Edition

February 3rd, 2022.

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About This Book

Navigate the full COVID-19 experience—from diagnosis to recovery—with hope, confidence, and expert guidance in this must-read handbook from a frontline healthcare professional.

Families facing the possibility of going through COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and recovery no longer have to worry about doing so all on their own. This indispensable guide walks patients and their loved ones through the entire COVID-19 experience, from the moment of diagnosis to returning to a meaningful life. Using substantial peer-reviewed literature, her own firsthand clinical experience treating COVID-19 patients, and anecdotes from real survivors, Dr. Abigail Hardin compassionately lays out exactly what patients can do to prepare for hospitalization, what to expect during treatments, and how to manage short- and long-term symptoms. Written in simple, straightforward language, The COVID-19 Survival Guide offers the education, practical advice, and self-help tools—such as questions to ask providers, to-do lists during recovery, and exercises to stay emotionally balanced—needed for mind-body wellness and recovery.

COVID-19 has had devastating effect on individuals, families, societies and indeed the globe as a whole. It came upon us when we are not prepared but we have learnt a great deal about the virus and we are learning more every day. Meanwhile we all have so many questions. For all those who have had COVID-19 and those who have numerous questions, here is a book that guides you through what COVID-19 is and how to cope after recovery. A guide that is useful not just for survivors but for families and friends of those who have suffered from COVID-19. A must read.
– K. Ranga Rama Krishnan, MB ChB, Chief Executive Officer, Rush University System for Health

Working the frontlines as an emergency department nurse for 40 years in an inner city, level one trauma center hospital, I find this book to be comprehensive, empowering, practical and hope giving. It is an excellent preparedness and resource guide for the general population, and an essential tool for the patient and family facing COVID-19.
– Joyce Zehler, RN, 40-Year ER Nurse and Daisy Award Winner

About Abigail Hardin

Abigail Hardin is a licensed clinical psychologist in the specialty practice area of rehabilitation psychology. She specializes in working with people who have sustained catastrophic illnesses and injuries, with a particular emphasis on those who have survived ICU admissions. She has been providing direct care to COVID-19 patients since the beginning of the pandemic, including follow-up care months after their hospital discharge.

Dr. Hardin earned a Ph.D. in clinical health psychology and an M.A. in psychology from the University of North Carolina Charlotte, plus a B.A. in public relations and psychology from the University of Southern California.

Learn more at abigailhardinphd.com.

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