Organic Wooden Toy Car

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I am glad to present you one of more than 150 handmade wooden toys in my shop. Housing material - stained beech, wheels - oak. Cars covered with a food composition based on linseed oil, used for polishing wooden spoons used for eating. We chose this linseed oil, because firstly it is in fact part of the food, so they treated the machine can offer even the youngest drivers who are willing to try everything by tooth. And secondly, he shows a natural texture of wood, not a bit without changing its color. The color of maple wood ranges from nearly white, with a light pearly sheen, to slightly yellowish. The contrast of the bright shell is dark, slightly shiny wheels. And like all our other toys, each is completely designed and hand crafted by our family in our toy shop. Size 12х7х6 sm

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Organic Wooden Toy Car Wooden Toy for Babies Toddlers and Preschoolers – Montessori Inspired Toys New Baby Gift Personalized Retro Toy Car


Organic Wooden Toy Car
Organic Wooden Toy Car

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